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Why Rent from Bellingham Wind Works

Renting your child's musical instrument from Wind Works is the way to go for most families.

Here's why:

buying cheap



Many people don’t have the time to accurately appraise the quality of musical instruments they are considering purchasing.

We’ve done the research. We have the quality and brands you can trust for every instrument, every time.


A cheap instrument will have a hidden cost in the form of a child blaming themselves for the instrument’s flaws.

All instruments are serviced and play-tested so you can be confident that your child will not blame themselves for a poor quality instrument. You also have the option to apply your rental credit to a professional-level instrument.


There is no easy way to return or exchange instruments after warranty expires and damage often voids return.

There are exchanges and returns with no restocking fees.


Annual service and repairs are an extra cost.

Annual service and all repairs included (no questions asked).

A cheap instrument might look like a good deal, but will have a hidden cost in the form of your child blaming themselves for the instrument’s flaws, and may be too expensive to fix.

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