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Frequently Asked Questions

A white man with dreadlocks, a fedora, and a rainbow sweater sits at a bench, contemplating several boxes of Vandoren reeds.
Spencer ponders the many varieties of Vandoren reeds available in everyone’s favorite sweater.

General FAQs

I want to talk to Ed, is he in?

This is our number one question. Ed is usually in the shop everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM with a break for lunch, but he does get called out to estimate estates and schools fairly frequently, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead to see when he’ll be in on any given day. Ed takes one Saturday off per month.

Would you consider buying my instrument?

Potentially, yes. With instruments flooding in and out of our shop, we are always on the look out for something. However, we aren’t just looking for anything and everything, and our buying ability varies by season, so it’s not a bad idea to call us first. If we can’t buy it, we can at least give you a value and some recommendations. We can also consign for you! See the next question.

Can you sell my instrument for me?

Yes! We do consign instruments, mouthpieces and gear for many different people, including estates. When you consign with us, your instrument will be listed on our website, our Reverb page, in the physical consignment book and will be displayed in the shop as space allows. Our fee is generally 20% for instruments or 40% for accessories, with exceptions for pieces over $5000. For the full consignment terms, see here.

What rental instruments do you have?

We have a huge array of rental instruments, from basic band and orchestra to hard-to-find harmony instruments in all families. From piccolo to contrabass clarinet and 1/16th size violins to upright basses. Most of our instruments are available to rent online.

I live outside of Washington state, can I still rent an oboe/English horn/bassoon/harmony flute/piccolo trumpet from you?

Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow us to rent across state lines at this time. If you are outside of the state, we recommend checking with Midwest Musical Imports or your local music store. If you are not sure of a local store in your area, we can make recommendations from our network of music store friends across the nation.

How long will it take to repair my instrument?

Good question! We pride ourselves on quick turnaround, especially in emergencies, but it really depends on what is wrong with your instrument. In order to do that, we need to see your instrument in the shop. Pictures and descriptions over the phone or email are a good start, and can help us determine the circumstances, but they don’t show the whole story. To give you the most accurate estimate, we need to be able to turn the instrument in our hands and look at it under the light. Then we can give you the best idea of what is wrong and what it will take to fix it.

Note: Summer is our busiest repair season. Please allow extra time during the summer for your repair and/or try to get your instrument in early.

Something is wrong with my instrument and I need it for a show tomorrow, can you help me?

Sometimes, yes! We have people bring their instruments in for a quick fix all the time. However, without seeing the instrument and the nature of the problem, it’s hard to be sure.

Do you work on guitars or orchestral strings?

Yes! Our luthier, Dave Payne, is Fender, Gibson and Taylor certified, with nearly 40 years experience in the field. We manage the summer repairs for many schools in the area, and will take good care of your stringed instruments. See our repair page for more details.

I was cleaning Uncle Frank’s garage and found a really old saxophone/violin/trumpet, is it worth a bunch of money?

Odds are that it’s not worth a lot, but you never know. Instruments that have sat in storage for a while do tend to need a lot of work, but we have had people bring in hidden gems before. Bring it in and let us take a look at it, and we can let you know, either way.

Do you folks give lessons?

We do not have the space to do lessons here at the shop, but we do have two excellent music schools within a block of the shop – Evergreen Music Studios and Bellinghome Music. Bellingham Music over on State Street is another excellent school. We highly recommend all of them. Our list of private teachers can be found here, and many of them teach at the above schools.

Where are you?

We are located at 2405 Meridian St. in beautiful Bellingham, WA, right across the street from the ReStore and Diamond Jim’s in the Fountain District.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday – Saturday, 10-6. We close Sundays to allow our employees time to rest and recover for the week. During rental season we often are open for extended hours. See our home page for rental season hours.

Who does your window displays?

Kat DeVaney, one of the owners, comes up with the window displays, which usually change monthly. Everyone is welcome to put in ideas for consideration, and various people help put together or contribute to the displays. They are usually posted on our Instagram, @bhamwindworks, where you are welcome to follow us.

A tangled, playable sculpture made from brass instrument tubes
A wedding gift from Jack to Ed and Kat. At our wedding, a trio of musicians managed Here Comes the Bride on it!

What is THAT?!

THAT, is a wedding present to Ed and Kat from Jack Champagne, a local brass player and sculptor/artist. It was made with love out of several brass parts, including two french horn bells, a trombone bell, several trombone slides, and various bits and pieces from other brass instruments. Jack has made several pieces that we have displayed, including our Wind Works sign in the shop.

Cat FAQs

Which one is which?

Wayne is the lighter colored one with the orange name tag, expressive eyebrows, and thumbs. Saul is the darker colored one with normal paws and the black name tag.

What happened to Wayne’s tail?

He was hit or injured by something in 2019, and it tore up his tail which developed an abscess. We had to keep it bandaged for about 8 months, and it has now healed, but it is unlikely his fur will grow back around the middle.

I thought I’ve seen them over at the ReStore, why are they sleeping in your window?

They used to live at the ReStore, where they were employed in catching pests, but when quarantine hit in March 2020, the ReStore was closed for a bit, and we offered to look out for them until the ReStore was fully opened up. The cats now split their time between the ReStore, us, and a few other businesses and houses along the block, but they sleep here at night. They are now employed as window dressing and food processors.

Are their names short for anything?

Wayne is short for Wainscot, and Saul is short for Sawzall.

Are they adoptable?

They have (several) loving homes already, and are not for sale or adoption, but you are always welcome to come in and give them some love.

Are they friendly?

Yes, they love being pet most of the time, especially if they are sleepy, and are very good with children. If you put a hand up to the window, sometimes Saul will put his paw up to it. 😊

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