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1955 King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone - Unlacquered

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This is a freshly overhauled 1955 Series II Full-Pearl King Super 20 tenor saxophone with hand polished bare brass body (not buffed), bow, and bell, and solid silver neck.

This is hands-down the best Super 20 tenor we've ever played. The sound is robust, powerful, and complex. Response is instantaneous, and the tone is even and balanced throughout all registers of the instrument.

No original lacquer remains. Whatever was left was carefully removed during the mechanical overhaul. There are some signs of previous repair, visible in the photos. The underslung octave key has been rebuilt several times, the left-hand palm F key has been rebuilt, and part of the octave key pearl has been filled with epoxy. However, the full mechanical overhaul done to the instrument is the most thorough and precisely performed job possible, done by Carlo Cennamo of Cennamo Woodwinds.

Everything on this horn has been gone through and meticulously repaired and adjusted. This includes extensions of solid hinge tubes, refitting of all hinge tubes and posts, and fabrication of new, precisely fit hinge rods for a perfectly tight action. All springs and adjustment materials have been replaced, all new pads were installed, and the double-socketed neck has been perfectly refit.

The mechanical work on this saxophone will last for decades with regular maintenance, having been done to a better-than-new standard, resulting in a horn with amazing sound and response, and incredible-feeling action, outclassing any other Super 20 tenor we've ever played.

Full, detailed documentation of the full-mechanical overhaul is included with the purchase.


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